Year of the Griot



This is an amazing time. We can learn and share more (and faster)  than at any other time in history.  But what if we took it all in a bold new direction? What if all our sharing and learning tore down boundaries and headed into our communities? What if we all committed to learning more about what we love and sharing it with a vengeance...for just One Year?


The Year of the Griot is a network of community literary, theatrical, audio-visual, and service projects dedicated to learning and sharing more about the African-American Experience.  It’s also a movement.  The world needs to know your communal story. This year - Tell It.

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Learn It. Tell It.


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Dream In Color Film Series

Series of films exploring Sexuality & Gender in African-descended Communities.

Sunday Dinner Film Series

African-American Storytelling & Performance over the last 90 years - On Film.

The Aural Tradition

Funky celebration of the African American Oral, Literary, Musical, & Theatrical Tradition.

Black Synergy Community Projects

Art, Education, Service

About The Year of the Griot

Kicks off Soon.  Read More.

Friday, Sept. 24 @ 8PM: “Soul Power”, featuring James Brown, Celia Cruz & More. More Here.

Saturday, July 31 @ 3PM: “Don’t Go”, written & directed by Amber Sharp.

We’re gearing up to donate dozens of books to the Durham Youth Home. Click for Info.

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