Funky journey in African American Oral, Literary, Musical, & Theatrical Tradition.

Onstage. Live. Audience. With The Aural Tradition (Aural = of the ear), we’re bridging the old & the new to create something all our own.  The words of Dubois and the riffs of The Last Poets can hang out in the same room.  Even if we invite a bit of hip hop theatre and Neo-Soul Funk wailin’.  We’re going to put Anna Julia Cooper, Stevie Wonder, the Fisk Jubilee Singers, Biz Markie and some local community goodness in one jug for a good shake. And for us, the listening is perhaps more important than the telling.

Does that sound risky? We think it’s just right. You will too.

The Aural Tradition



Stay Tuned!

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